Free useful marketing tools which will help your business grow up

Easy tools to help your business.

Olga Freiman

10/10/20232 min read

person using microsoft surface laptop on lap with two other people
person using microsoft surface laptop on lap with two other people

There are several free digital marketing tools that can help your business grow. Here are some of them:

  1. Google Analytics: This tool helps you track and analyze website traffic, providing valuable insights into your audience's behavior. It's crucial for optimizing your online presence.

  2. Google Search Console: It allows you to monitor your website's performance in Google search results, identify issues, and improve your search engine ranking.

  3. Google My Business: If you have a local business, this tool is essential. It helps you manage your online presence on Google Maps and search, making it easier for local customers to find you.

  4. MailChimp: This email marketing platform offers a free plan for small businesses. It's great for creating and sending email campaigns to engage with your audience.

  5. Hootsuite: Hootsuite's free plan lets you manage and schedule social media posts across multiple platforms, making it easier to maintain a consistent online presence.

  6. Canva: Create eye-catching graphics and visuals for your marketing campaigns. Canva's free version offers plenty of templates and design options.

  7. Buffer: Like Hootsuite, Buffer helps schedule and analyze social media posts. It also offers a free plan for limited social profiles.

  8. Yoast SEO: If you're using WordPress for your website, Yoast SEO is a powerful plugin that helps you optimize your content for search engines.

  9. SurveyMonkey: Collecting feedback from your customers is vital. SurveyMonkey offers a free plan for creating surveys to gather valuable insights.

  10. HubSpot CRM: This customer relationship management tool helps you manage your contacts and sales pipeline. It's free and includes marketing and sales features.

  11. Keyword Planner (Google Ads): If you're running pay-per-click advertising campaigns, Google's Keyword Planner helps you find relevant keywords and estimate their search volume.

  12. Ubersuggest: Neil Patel's Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that provides keyword ideas, competitive analysis, and backlink data.

  13. Trello: Organize and manage your digital marketing projects with Trello. It's a versatile and user-friendly project management tool.

These free tools cover a wide range of digital marketing needs and can help your business grow without the need for a substantial budget. Choose the ones that best align with your marketing goals and strategy.

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